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Virus Removal

Techserve Computer is St Helens are experts in removing any form of virus, fake anti-virus or malware from your laptop or computer. Plus, if you need us to, we can help you find the best Anti-Virus solution for your individual or business needs and budget, giving you peace of mind when it really matters.



We appreciate how damaging a virus can be to your PC, laptop or tablet and advise that virus removal is left to the professionals. Don’t get caught out by nasty surprises. If you aren’t sure if something is a threat, call Techserve on 01744 453801 or drop us an email.

Virus removal can be frustrating and you can spend hours and sometimes days trying to clear your system and you can still leave some infections behind. Ultimately, virus removal can sometimes render your computer or laptop unusable, worse cases can even destroy your data.

Virus removal can be attempted yourself, here are a few guidelines on how to remove a computer virus if you think your computer is infected (or you laptop is infected).

If you have any Anti Virus software installed, ensure it is up to date and run a full scan.

If you do not have anti virus installed, then try some free software, we recommend the following who offer free versions of Anti Virus or trial Anti Virus. AVG, Kaspersky and Avast.

Ideally, the full version will offer more protection which we can provide at a fraction of the full rrp cost.


Currently our AVG Internet Security 2013 is only £25 per license. At the time of writing, AVG themselves are selling it for £40. We will supply and install it in or workshop for the same price. We will also guarantee to be lower than the AVG rrp (while stocks last).

If the above fails to remove the virus or infection, we recommend that it be brought to either of our workshops where it will be removed by one of our highly experienced engineers.

Virus removal by our specialist engineers is a normal day to day task. We take pride in our work and ensure the best techniques are used to clear your system. If you have any valuable data, please let our engineers know and they can arrange for this to be backed up and recovered if necessary.

Occasionally, if the worst comes to the worst, we may need to wipe and reinstall your system. This is a last resort and we really do ensure every effort is made to repair your system. If however the virus removal was to severe, we will need to wipe and reinstall. We can only do this if you have a genuine Windows license on the machine. We can provide a genuine license if necessary.