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iPad Screen Repairs

iPad Screen Repairs

Tablets, especially The iPad, iPad Air,  Nexus 7 and Samsung variants have fast become the choice of portable computers for many people over laptops due to their portability and size, but all it takes is to drop your tablet onto a hard surface and you could be the victim of a cracked tablet glass, LCD, or worse.


We have a constant stream of iPad Screen repairs including the iPad Air (iPad 5) at both our St Helens shop and our Ormskirk shop which is indicative of a need for a local, reliable repair centre to undertake these repairs.

We also perform repairs on most phones as well including the iPhone 3g/3gs, iPhone 4/4s and the iPhone 5 also the the Samsung Galaxy S range.

We are not a mail order repair service

We are a local professional business, and here at Techserve Computers in St Helens, we understand that these kinds of accidents do happen and so offer a simple yet effective solution to getting your tablet repaired in the St Helens Ormskirk and Merseyside area.

We are proud to say that all repairs are undertaken in house either at our St Helens office or our larger Computer Service Centre in Ormskirk where we are able to repair most types of tablets. We do not send them to 3rd parties to repair.

Our trained team of engineers are able to effectively repair most problems that you’ll encounter with your touch tablet or smart phone to ensure you get your tablet back as fast as possible, typically within 48 hours, sometimes the same day.

Rely on Techserve Computers when you need a Tablet or phone repair service you can count on. Call us on 01744 453801 for more information or drop us an email.