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SEO & Marketing

Because so many people use search engines to find the services and products they require it is essential to give your website the best possible chance of being found online through our full SEO services and techniques, both on and off page.

At Techserve we believe that applying sound search engine optimisation through research and knowledge enhances your website’s quality and hopefully generate interest in your business and more sales.

But we aren’t just saying it; It is commonly known that through search engine optimisation (or SEO) your website’s visibility and ranking on popular search engines such as Firefox, Google and Yahoo will increase and thereby increasing traffic to your website.

No business should miss out on a completely new income stream by not implementing SEO into your marketing plan as the more people that see your website, the greater success you will achieve.

But remember, good search engine optimisation, like many things in life, it takes time.  Investing time in sorting SEO as a regular part of building or improving your website should bring positive results, which won’t disappoint.

What do you offer?

Offering full keyword and competitor analysis, on page optimisation, content management and creation, social marketing and maintaining a social media presence, email marketing, back link building and much more, here at Techserve we offer a range of options for SEO and marketing solutions, depending on your budget, requirements or niche.

We won’t bore you with the jargon or give you the hard sell but what we will do is take a look at where you’re currently ranking in the search engines and at the keywords that are or are not working for you. We’ll also analyze your website, the market and your competition to give us a clear idea of the work needed to get you to the top. We’ll show you where you’re at, but most importantly, where you could be.

When is the best time to consider SEO?

Here, at Techserve we believe that it is best to consider SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) right at the start of your web marketing plan as it is tightly woven into the way your website must be constructed and you should ask the following questions before you start:

What is your web site about?
What services or products do you offer? Plus, what message and image are you trying to convey?

Who will visit it?
Who is your target audience or who would you like it to be?

What will they gain?
Will your potential customers be enticed to spend their money through your beautifully presented range of products, services or offers?

What will you gain?
This one is simple.
Hopefully, you will gain more interest and subsequently more sales. Your rankings will increase and your website and services will be found by a more targeted audience.

Once you have clearly defined these questions we will then be in a position to design and optimize your website for Search Engines.  We strongly believe that SEO requires commitment and resources but if carried out properly it can be the best form of advertising you will ever have.

So, whether you are a small business wanting to gain an online presence or a larger company looking to rank nationally for more specific and competitive, Techserve, St Helens can help.

For more information on how we can orchestrate your SEO campaign contact us on 01744 453801.