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Electronic Repairs

Techserve was founded on  electronic repairs such as audio and video equipment. The need for such repairs has diminished dramatically however we still have a number of engineers who are experienced in general electronic repairs.

From your laptop, PC to your tablet, from your iPhone, Blackberry to your PS3, Xbox, Techserve can help.

Offering many years of experience in the repair of many electronics and equipment, the team here at Techserve deals with a range of clients from manufacturers, agents, businesses and individuals.

We also repair laptop DC sockets, TV & DVD equipment, offer radio and HIFI servicing, home cinema installations and most types of board level repairs as well as general electronics such as Amps and GHD repairs, for example.

Whatever electronic repairs you require, our highly skilled engineers here at Techserve can help you.

For more advice or information, please contact us.