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Computer & Laptop Repairs

If your computer or laptop is running slow, has a virus or spyware errors or is simply not working then why not call in with it to our shop on Greenfield Road, St Helens or call us on 01744 453801.

We pride ourselves on the fact we are able to repair all computers and laptop problems including system crashes, software and hardware problems, maintenance, upgrades, wireless network configurations, fault diagnosis and virus removal services.   We also off remote support, so we can fix it without you needing to bring it to us.

We can also run system recoveries and we carry a range of diagnostic tools and hardware essential for remedying more serious problems like data loss.

Our most common computer and laptop repairs include;

    • Virus removal
    • Malware (pop ups)
    • Slow systems
    • Memory upgrade
    • Data backup
    • Data recovery
    • Telephone scams
    • Windows upgrades
    • Software problems
    • Screen replacements
    • DC Power Sockets

But, the truth is the list is pretty much endless as we can repair almost anything computer & electronic related, right down to board level and SMD device replacement.

When we try to solve your computer performance problems we come equipped to advise as well as fix: our experienced computer engineers can offer you sound assistance in choosing optional extras for your PC that will make it run the way you want it to.

We can install extra memory, replace motherboards, remove unnecessary programs and offer advice and training on good computer maintenance practice so your machine never runs slow again.

Aiming to make sure you (and your computer) are happy we offer you a plethora of computer services including:

Computer repair for home and small business systems

This is especially important for people who not only run computers in their homes but also rely on the same or different computer systems to run a successful small business.


If your home computer doubles as your business computer, or is expected to perform other business-related duties as well as personal duties, you need Techserve fix any problems as soon as possible!


Ongoing support for your computer

If you have any questions or concerns about your computer after its purchase, then call Techserve today. Recognising that when you own a computer you are dealing with new pieces of hardware or software which aren’t familiar to you, we are more than happy to provide you with support until you are completely comfortable with your new, existing or upgraded computer.


Immediate support for any computer system

Whatever your needs, we will always do our utmost to help you with any problems you are experiencing with your computer and perform any repairs or upgrades you wish us to.

Networking assistance

If you aren’t sure how to proceed in connecting a computer network between specific computers or connecting to the internet, we will be able to quickly and effectively help in the task.


Upgraded hardware


Here at Techserve, we only use top-quality computer hardware to perform upgrades or replacements within your computer system to ensure the best performance and longest life.


Virus Removal

If you think you have a virus, spyware or perhaps even something even worse, give Techserve a call on 01744 453801.


But if you want to attempt to remove the virus yourself before contacting us we suggest the following tips:

If you have Anti Virus software installed, ensure it is up to date and run a full scan of your computer- this may take a little while but it is worth doing before anything else.

If you do not have Anti Virus installed, we advise you to download and install a ‘free trial’ version of an Anti Virus software program from AVG, as recommended by us.

For reference, we can provide the full version at a fraction of the full RRP price with our AVG Internet Security 2013 being only £25.00 per licence rather than the £40.00 if bought from AVG direct. This price is correct at the time of writing (September 2013).

We strongly suggest this option as it will offer more protection for your computer and we will also guarantee to be lower than the AVG RRP (while stocks last).

If the above fails to remove the virus or infection, we recommend that it be brought to either of our workshops, where it will be removed by one of our highly experienced engineers.

Occasionally, in the worst case scenario, we may need to wipe and reinstall your system but be rest assured that this is a last resort and we really do ensure every effort is made to repair your system before this action is taken.

If however, the virus removal is confirmed too severe, we will need to wipe and reinstall but please note that this can only be done if you have a genuine Windows licence on your machine.  For your reference, Techserve can provide a genuine licence if necessary.
Quick, reliable services in any department

Whatever your computer problem, contact one of our trained technicians on 01744 453801 to arrange a convenient time to carry out repairs, upgrades or maintenance work and get your computer performing like it used to.