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Techserve is a St Helens based IT Company specialising in web design, computer repairs and IT support.

Serving not only the St Helens area but also Ormskirk and the whole of the Merseyside region, we boast a complete range of services to help with all of your web design requirements and also specialise in all computer, laptop and electronic repairs.

Being an established team in St Helens we have built up a team of highly qualified and experienced designers and engineers who are able to help you at every stage of your project, whatever it maybe.

We are able to create impressive websites that generate more enquiries, increase your rankings on the search engines, and better represent your business online.   Whether you are looking for a small business website, a sophisticated e-commerce package, a customised content management solution, or need a PC, laptop or tablet repairing, nothing is too much trouble!

Committed to delivering a first class service our core objectives are to provide a strong, all round service that is focused on achieving real measurable results. Regardless of your needs, we always put your needs first whether you need software faults rectifying, viruses removing, data recovery and backup services or your equipment future proofed.

We have the team to help you achieve your goals and we know that customers want value for money.

Let’s face it, in this day and age, who doesn’t?

So, that’s exactly what we’re committed to providing.

Call today on 01744 453801 for more information about how Techserve can help you with all of your design, IT or repair issues.


Is your computer refusing to boot up properly, shut down or connect to the internet?
Do not panic! Through our computer repairs division we offer a full repair and maintenance service of computers and associated equipment, used by both individuals and businesses alike.

Here, at Techserve we’ll have your PC back in action in no time and are happy to deal with your questions and computer needs all in one go!

Don’t delay! Arrange for one of our computer repair engineers to sort your computer issues out at a convenient time for you by calling 01744 453801.


Wondering who to turn to for your laptop repair needs and questions?
Now you have found Techserve, you do not need to worry anymore.

Due to their portable nature, some may say that it’s easier to buy a new laptop than try to repair it but we disagree.  We will identify the problem and find the right solution at the price that meets your budget. What more could you ask for?

Offering a range of laptop repairs in house, either in our St Helens shop or our Ormskirk shop we can help you with:


  • Laptop DC Socket replacements (from £60)
  • Screen replacements (from £85)
  • Keyboard replacements (from £30)
  • Damage to hinges (from 30)
  • Replacement battery (from £40)
  • Many motherboard repairs including SMD devices

Contact our support team today; we will give you professional advice and the benefit of years of laptop repairing experience, so don’t delay!



Have you ever dropped, stood on or smashed your laptop screen? Or is the screen blurry, dull, scratched or cracked? If you answer yes to any of the questions, then contact us.

Unfortunately, screens cannot be repaired, but they can be replaced and it is a quick and painless process, with a same day fitting service available on many laptop screens.  Plus, here at Techserve, St Helens we stock a range of laptop screens for replacement with prices including fitting, from only £85.00.

So, why wait? Call 01744 453801 and speak to one of our helpful technicians about your options and we will guarantee to find you the laptop screen replacement that suits your needs and budget.


The iPad and the Google Nexus 7 have fast become the choice of computers for many over laptops due to their portability and size, but all it takes is to drop your tablet onto a hard surface and you could be the victim of a cracked tablet glass, LCD, or worse.

Here at Techserve we sympathise with you and understand that these kinds of accidents happen and so offer a simple yet effective solution to getting your tablet repaired in the St Helens and Merseyside area.  We are proud to say that all repairs are undertaken in house either at our St Helens office or our larger Computer Service Centre in Ormskirk where we are able to repair most types of tablets.

Due to their experience, our trained team are able to effectively repair most problems that you’ll encounter with your touch tablet to ensure you get your tablet back as fast as possible, typically within 48 hours.

Rely on Techserve when you need a Tablet repair service you can count on.  Call us on 01744 453801 for more information.



Here at Techserve we are experts in removing any form of virus, fake anti-virus or malware from your laptop or computer. Plus, if you need us to, we can help you find the best Anti-Virus solution for your individual or business needs and budget, giving you peace of mind when it really matters.

We appreciate how damaging a virus can be to your PC, laptop or tablet and advise that virus removal is left to the professionals. Don’t get caught out by nasty surprises. If you aren’t sure if something is a threat, call Techserve on 01744 453801 or drop us an email.



With many years experience in IT support behind us, we can troubleshoot a wide variety of serious or seemingly fatal computer errors.  In most cases, we are able to recover lost, wiped, deleted and corrupted data including documents, pictures and emails and can perform diagnostics and data recovery on a whole range of equipment such as hard drives, CD-ROMs, external hard drives, memory sticks and faulty volumes.

We strive to find the best back-up solution for you and keep your personal details safe at all times, so don’t waste your time- call Techserve, your local data recovery specialists today for fast and effective IT support!



Your website is the expression of your company’s personality online so if your website or online store isn’t delivering what you think it should, why not build your online presence- one bite at a time with a truly unique website or one of our customised e-commerce packages?

Techserve are part of the Danoli Solutions Ltd group who offer a web design solution for your business that is affordable, easy to operate, and most importantly, generates interest and hopefully more sales!  Websites available from as little as £199 and up and running within a week, Techserve really can deliver outstanding value for money for your business or club needs.

So, whether you are an individual, a small business wanting a website that is stylish, market-driven and fresh, or a larger company wanting to rank highly for competitive keywords, we cater to all levels of site development.

Simply click here to view our dedicated web design website.


Our hosting and email hosting packages are ideal for any business that wants both elements combined.  These fast, reliable hosting packages have everything you need to get your business website online and communicate with your clients effectively.

We have been in the industry for years so we like to think we know a thing or two about what a web hosting company should offer.  As such we offer a whole range of services including POP3 Mailboxes, Webmail Access, Email Forwarding, Email Aliases, Catch All Facilities, Mail Auto Responders and Kerio Connect hosted mailboxes, via our own dedicated server.

Why not take a look at our About Us page for a little background about our experience and list of services or call 01744 453801 for more information.



So, your website is looking fantastic but having a great design is only one part of the story; to be successful online your clients need to be able to find you online, quickly and easily.

As experts in the field, Techserve understand that the key to developing a strong SEO strategy is to fully understand your business, your aims and the type of traffic that you would like to come through to your site.  By talking to you directly we not only listen in order to learn about your business and objectives, but also develop a strategy specifically tailored to meet your goals in a realistic timescale to give you the results you want.

So, if your website isn’t getting enough traffic or you aren’t being found on search engines, get in touch and discover why a well planned and executed SEO & Marketing strategy is vital to your success and how Techserve can help you.



From your laptop, PC to your tablet, from your iPhone, Blackberry to your PS3, whatever your electronic repair needs, Techserve can help.

Offering many years of experience in the repair of many electronics and equipment, the team here at Techserve deals with a range of clients from manufacturers, agents, businesses and individuals.

We also repair laptop DC sockets, TV & DVD equipment, offer car radio servicing, home cinema installations and most types of board level repairs as well as general electronics such as Amps and GLD repairs, for example.

Whatever electronic repairs you require, our highly skilled engineers here at Techserve can help you.

Get in touch today for more information.



Are you looking to protect your premises as well as the people within them? Techserve is your local electronic security installation and maintenance experts in CCTV systems for businesses, and individuals too.

We offer our services throughout the St Helens and Merseyside area, designing, installing and maintaining your CCTV system to your requirements and in line with legal requirements. We can monitor your security alarms and access it via control equipment ensuring our CCTV systems protect every inch of your property, outside and in.

Irrespective of your budget, we make our CCTV systems work for you and however much you have to spend, we will have a technologically advanced solution for you.

So, who should you trust to design, install and maintain your digital security cameras, which are integral in maintaining the security and safety of your business?

Your local experts, Techserve, that’s who.

With decades of experience and such wide ranging knowledge, we certainly qualify.
Call 01744 453801 for more details on how we can help you safeguard you property, business and valuables.