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Laptop DC Socket Repairs

At Techserve, we stock replacement DC sockets for most brands of laptop.

All Laptop DC Socket repairs are undertaken by our qualified ‘in house’ engineers and each repair is done correctly. We do not re-solder existing sockets where possible as this will likely cause further problems resulting a potential damage.

DC Socket repairs can be completed the same day in many case, sometimes they can take a little longer if a specialised part is required.

We do NOT send laptops away for DC socket repairs (or any other repairs for that matter), we repair them ourselves in either our St Helens workshop (Techserve Computers) or our main repair centre in Ormskirk (Danoli Solutions Ltd, Computer Service Centre)

We typically charge a flat fee for all laptop DC Socket repairs. This price includes VAT and a 12 month parts and labour warranty.

Some DC socket repairs do not require a board level repair and can be substantially cheaper, please contact us for more information.

We provide repairs to many Schools in the Lancashire area and are a WLDC approved supplier for Schools.

Unfortunately we cannot price match others on Laptop DC Socket Repairs as we have set the standard for board level repairs in the area having over 25 years (not combined years) board level & SMD repair experience. We can show you examples of our work and can also show examples of work completed by others.